Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa! How does this one look for you guys....

Yeah I know it looks crappy. I did it in MS Paint. But oh well, the Yankees are going to get Alex Rodriguez. Guess I'll just have to live with crappy design skills and the two best shortstops in the game. I feel for Sox fans, I really do. I don't usually pay as much attention to the Sox as you guys do to us but this was just too much. That anger must be boiling over right about now. I don't really think this is good for baseball what with the Yankees having a $200 million dollar payroll and 6 of the 12 highest salaries in the game. Not to mention they have sacrificed the farm system and two great young players in Nick Johnson and Alfonso Soriano. The AL East isn't even a lock next year. Oh well! People are not going to like me on Monday morning at work. OK, I've had my fun. I guess I'll just have to show some class like a true Yankee and let the winning do the talking. (I'm still smiling by the way.)

P.S. Did anyone notice that Xavier McDaniel was coaching a SlamBall team? What's that all about? Go X-Man!


Posted at 2/15/2004 5:46:23 AM by Neel/Mikey

don't be mean to him!


Posted at 2/15/2004 11:24:39 AM by Carol

i am sorry for the foul language but it was upsetting. on another note, i used to have xavier mcdaniel shoes, they we awsome and had x's all over them. i was a little brown kid with basketball shoes, but no one ever picked me to play basketball cause i was too small. shed a tear for me, but the shoes were awesome!

Posted at 2/16/2004 5:59:43 PM by Neel

the question remains...can A-Rod play 3rd????
and who is playing 2nd??

Alfonso is a CF now...that should be cool

good shit Bombers
fuck the bo-soxs.....i hope pedro martinez dies of gonarhea and rots in hell

Posted at 2/16/2004 6:29:36 PM by 10:30

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