No, White Folks Wouldn't React This Way

I've seen a lot of statements similar to this one above, portraying black people as unusually destructive by asking if white people would do the same. I'm going to assume "act like this" means "riot" and not "protest", though I'm sure there are plenty of people who think no protests are warranted. The obvious answer is no. No, white people would not respond this way because they would view the killing of a young white man as an isolated incident. Given their experiences and the general lack of evidence that white Americans are unfairly targeted by law enforcement, they would probably think it was justified. It would not strike them that this is part of a pattern.

Black people on the other hand do see this as a pattern. This thinking comes from their own experiences and the statistics constantly back it up. It is clear to them that African Americans get stopped by the police more often in cases when they are guitly of no crime. It is clear to them that African Americans get killed unjustifiably by law enforcement at alarming rates.

Now you might say that maybe black people are predisposed to rioting whereas white people are not. White people though have found plenty of reasons to riot over the years. Just this fall white people rioted celebrating a World Series victory. Let's not forget the riot at a pumpkin festival festival in New Hampshire around the same time (I mean, pumpkins, right?). Sometimes white people riot to stop an election recount they don't want to happen or even to protest the firing of a child rapist enabling football coach. This is just to point out that this is a fair comparison. White people aren't predisposed to not rioting.

If you're asking a question like this you really need to take a minute and attempt to view the situation from a different perspective. As a white person it is hard to see things from a black person's perspective to begin with. Most people would rather ignore or misrepresent the African American perspective than take the time to understand it.

It is the impression of many African Americans that black lives aren't valued as much as white ones. This case did nothing to dissuade them of that.

Look at some of the events that took place in Ferguson. A black man is killed by police. The police officer's name is not immediately released. Typical procedure was ignored at the scene. A peaceful protest is met with riot police. The case is sent to a grand jury where the prosecution does not attempt to indict, but rather leaves it up to the grand jury to decide. This is usually not how prosecutors attempt to indict:
In an unusual step, Mr. McCulloch had said he would present all known witnesses and evidence and instead of recommending an indictment, as is usually the case, let the jurors decide for themselves what if any charges to bring.

The officer’s testimony, delivered without the cross-examination of a trial in the earliest phase of the three-month inquiry, was the only direct account of the fatal encounter. It appeared to form the spine of a narrative that unfolded before the jurors over three months, buttressed, the prosecutors said, by the most credible witnesses, forensic evidence and three autopsies.

But the gentle questioning of Officer Wilson revealed in the transcripts, and the sharp challenges prosecutors made to witnesses whose accounts seemed to contradict his narrative, have led some to question whether the process was as objective as Mr. McCulloch claims.
On top of that, the officer's testimony is, frankly, not believable.

And now put these events in the broader context of a justice system that treats black Americans more harshly than white Americans. This is important because, as an isolated incident, it's easier to explain away things as coincidences. None of this proves Darren Wilson is guilty of anything, but it does go a long way towards showing why people rioted in Ferguson and protested across the country.
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