Driver's Licenses for Illegal Immigrants
Every once in a while a debate arises in some state about giving driver's licenses to people living in the US illegally. Massachusetts is taking its turn with the recently proposed Safe Driving Bill. As I see it it makes little sense to oppose giving licenses to such people. The Registry of Motor Vehicles exists for a reason.
The Registry of Motor Vehicles Division is responsible for vehicle operator licensing and vehicle and aircraft registration, available online and at branch offices across the Commonwealth. The Registry oversees commercial and non-commercial vehicle inspection stations.
Licensing and inspection. In short, the RMV exists to enhance safety on public roads. If people are going to drive let's make sure they're competent. We lose over 30,000 people a year to automobile deaths. There's no reason for the RMV to focus on anything more than that.

The United States spends $18 billion on immigration enforcement, more than any other law enforcement activity the federal government engages in. I get that people get really upset about illegal immigration, but if they want it fixed, the RMV is not the place to do it. It's federal law and it's the federal government's job. I don't really understand why people can't divorce licensing people for driving a vehicle with a person's immigration status. The two aren't related.

If we want the Pittsfield RMV to be checking on immigration status, what other federal laws should it be enforcing? While we're at it, what other state agencies should be enforcing federal law? And when we're adding extra process that doesn't further the stated goals of whatever state agency is enforcing whatever federal law, how much more complaining are we going to do about slow and inefficient our government is?

I get that people want to stop illegal immigration, even if I wouldn't be as upset about it, but the RMV is not the place to make that stand.
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