A No-Fly Zone is an Act of War
If anyone wasn't clear on what a no-fly zone is, today's airstrikes against Gadhafi's forces in Libya should clear that up. A no-fly zone is an act of war. Even if you didn't know that allied forces would be proactively attacking Libyan air defenses, you had to know that American, French, and British forces would be policing Libyan airspace. So there you go, we're at war. Again.

I don't really see what justification there is to attack Libya. Gadhafi is a tyrannical leader, but he's always been a tyrannical leader. From an international law perspective, what justifies an intervention in what amounts to a rebellion and a civil war? If the last 42 of Gadhafi's rule weren't justification then why is this? The international politics of this are interesting to me. France is leading the way, with the United States and the United Kingdom supporting. This support alone wouldn't have garnered a UN resolution. The fact that China and Russia abstained is what got the resolution through. It's clear that the world community has no love for Gadhafi's regime. A lot of players don't want their name on this action, but won't object if it takes place. That UN support is Obama's cover apparently.

I find it ridiculous that the ostensible reason for this intervention is to protect civilians when just this month NATO forces killed 9 Afghan boys in a helicopter attack. We could stand to improve the care we take to avoid civilian casualties. What makes us think this impending air war in Libya will be any different? And if this air war isn't enough to turn the tide of the civil war, what will the civilian casualties be in an escalated air war or a possible ground war. Will we just discard the pretense of protecting civilians and openly (as if this isn't open) attempt to remove Gadhafi? Maybe this war ousts Gadhafi just like our previous war ousted Saddam. The reasons for this war (protecting civilians) aren't as phony as the ones for the last (weapons of mass destruction, 9/11), but they certainly ring hollow.
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