That Used to be Us
On my recent trip to Philly, Baltimore and DC I saw something very disturbing. It is with great sadness that I show this picture to my Red Sox friends. Three years ago the Yankees and the Red Sox would have been swapped in this shot.

You've finally made it, Red Sox Nation.

And just for that, I'm going to show you something that will bring you pain. It's Dale Sveum at third base and Wily Mo Pena whiffing at the plate:

Dale Sveum

Wily Mo

Long live The Empire.

Another reason why Baltimore fans a couple years it will be the Rays, so don't worry too much about it...

Posted at 6/11/2008 10:56:00 AM by Ryan

The Yankees are still the evil Empire. They still outspend every team in baseball and even the wealthy Sox are a distant second with an over 70 million difference.

Moreover the Yankee ownership are immature, petty, greedy, and politically fascist. Their clubhouse promoted a culture of performance enhancing drugs and treated their players like crap (ask Gary Sheffield or almost any other ex-Yank).

The Yankees as a team and as an organization do NO charitable work, compare that with the Red Sox who have been a leader in American Professional Sports with four separate affiliated philanthropic arms. I work for a non-profit in the Fenway area and have first-hand experience with the incredible people over at the Sox.

The Red Sox are just a better managed. Period. Being the evil Empire is about a lot more than winning.

Go Rays!

Posted at 6/11/2008 12:35:38 PM by Alex H.

Alex, the Boston Red Sox are 4th in team payroll this year.

I believe it was Red Sox ownership that dubbed the Yankees the "Evil Empire". Would that be considered "immature" or "petty"?

If you think only the teams that were named in the Mitchell Report "promoted a culture of performance enhancing drugs" or if you believe anything that comes out of Gary Sheffield's mouth then I have a bridge I'd like to sell you.

Please do a search for "Steinbrenner Foundation" or "New York Yankees Charitable Foundation" to find the numerous instances of the Yankees donating to charitable causes. Recently the Yankees donated $1 million to Virginia Tech after the terrible shooting at the school.

Posted at 6/11/2008 3:26:56 PM by Jeff Egnaczyk

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